Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monster Box

Here is a Halloween treat box I made using my Freaky Friends set. I made an easy box using an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock. 

Here I heat embossed the paper with my image.

I then scored the cardstock. Starting on the left, I scored 2 inches to the right then again at 5" , 7'" and ending at 10". You will have a 1 inch piece on the right hand side when you are done. Do not cut that off as you need it to glue your box together. The only other score I did was a 2" score from the bottom the the piece of paper that goes under the images and all the way across the piece of paper.

As you can see in this photo and the one above. Once you make the 2" vertical score on the bottom of the paper, you cut up to the 2 inches. This creates the flaps at the bottom of your box  that you will fold and glue.

on the one side where you were left with the 1" score, cut this off. Be careful only to cut this small piece off, nothing else.

Now fold along all of your score lines and tape the bottom and the side of your  box. I use stick strip to make the box a little more sturdy to hold things in it.

I then created my stamped image to place on the front of the box. All supplies that were used for this project are stampin up.

I did get the orginal idea fromt he amazing Mary Fish.

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