Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Crafty Sister

This is my sister Amy. Her son Taren's binder for school fell apart and instead of buying him a new one, she decided to create a fun binder that he would love. I think it turned out very cool.

So what Amy did here was take the binder apart. She took off the front and back & kept the middle part with the metal rings and also the cardboard front and back . With the cardboard she cut out different skateboarding words & images and modgepodged them to the cardboard. One picture here shows some photos I took of Taren. My Olympus camera has a feature called drawing. It's where you take a picture of someone and it creates a drawing of them. That is what Amy used to put on the front of the binder.

After modgepodging everything, Amy used duct tape to assemble everything back together. Lucky Uncle Richard had some red duct tape which went so well with all the images.

I think this was a fun clever project Amy created and Taren loved it.


  1. Well it looks as though you are not the only one in your family who is crafty. :) I like what your sister has done with the binder that she made.

    I enjoyed looking at everything you posted on your blog Karen. I think your blog is awesome. I signed up to follow your blog. :)


  2. Awesome....what a great idea!! those binders rarely last a year!! I love that she made it to represent the things he loves!!